automotive radio advertising tipsRunning a Successful Automotive Radio Advertising Campaign Doesn’t Have to Be Rocket Science.

While it is advisable to have an ad agency such as “Automotive Radio Commercials” by your side helping you plan and execute a radio advertising campaign, following some simple principles can also be tremendously helpful.

Automotive Radio Advertising Tip 1: Understand that “Cheapest” isn’t always better.

There are plenty of “cheap” radio spots out there. Just like there are plenty of dangerous cheap toys loaded with lead paint and other dangers available for children. Just because they are “cheap” as compared to their “fair price” counterparts, doesn’t mean you’d let your children play with them.

When buying automotive radio time, you should be more concerned about finding a “fair” price on airtime versus simply “the cheapest”.

The cheapest will often times translate into “least desirable” time slots on sparsely listened to radio stations. Is this really where you want to spend your automotive radio advertising dollars?

We can help you decipher the difference between a fair price on airtime and “cheap”.


Car Dealership Radio Advertising Tip 2: Make sure your message is on target.

This means having a commercial that is designed to intrigue and resonate with your target customer. Writing a successful car dealership radio commercial is not the work of an amateur or “radio sales person”. If you have no experience in writing a radio commercial, you should not attempt it. Let an expert at Automotive Radio Commercials help you craft this!

Even though it may seem to be an “easy job”, think about it… You wouldn’t let any random person off the street come in and run your car dealership because it “looks easy”.

There is a rhyme and reason to successful automotive radio commercials.

If you need help with the creation of a radio commercial for your car dealership or finding the right stations and airtime, let me know! I would love to help.