What does it take for a car dealership radio advertising campaign to be effective? What stations should an automotive radio commercial air on and how often? These are the top two questions we hear. The answers may surprise you.

cardealerLets first talk about what it takes for a car dealership radio advertising campaign to be effective. First off, the message needs to be on target.

Know your audience.

For example: Let’s say you are speaking to a high-end luxury vehicle buying audience. Your message needs to appeal to their senses and desires. If your automotive radio ad sound like the “sign and drive” event at Louie’s used car super center, you will likely not see a very high response rate.

The same goes for the opposite end of the spectrum – if your client is looking for an economy car – don’t market your dealership as being “stuffy” or “pretentious”. It can give off the vibe of being “too high-end” and unapproachable.

The reality is this: People buy from where they feel comfortable. You can not be everything to everyone. You need to know your audience and be the best option for them.

You do this by speaking to their needs and desires and presenting the solution to their problem. You present this solution in the most comfortable and non-threatening way possible.

Lets face it, people in general will be apprehensive about going into any car lot. It’s the job of your radio ad to make them feel comfortable enough to set food on your property. Once they are there, its your job to build that trust and seal the deal.

Air your message with enough frequency on a targeted station that your potential customer listens to, and they will start coming through your doors. If you air it on a station that your potential customers do not listen to, or if they do not catch it because it is airing too infrequently, your results will be dismal.

If you would like to discuss ideas and concepts that may work for your unique dealership or need help finding the best radio station to put your message on, give us a call. Our phone number is 231-468-9972.

Every car dealership is unique. Just like automotive radio commercial we create is as well.